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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Common symptoms of ptsd can include .... nightmares, flashbacks, hyper-vigilance, paranoia, insomnia, intrusive thoughts, memory loss, panic attacks, confusion, black and white thinking, loneliness,
overwhelming fear/grief/rage, unexplained pain, back ache, muscle tension,
stomach cramp, night sweats, numbness, dissociation ....

Alongside more obvious traumatic events, the symptoms of repressed or unresolved trauma can sometimes appear to haunt family life. Children may inherit symptoms of trauma as well as suffering their own experience of neglect or abuse. Grown-up survivors often remain vulnerable to further traumatic experiences.

Psychotherapy aims to create a trustworthy 'secure base' where we are supported to explore our emotional landscape, to speak our mind, hear ourselves think and embody our feelings. A co-created, non-judgemental relationship, where we can begin to 'make sense' of painful experiences and intrusive thoughts or memories. A space where we can listen to, and learn to value and understand, the un-heard and the unspoken, which may belong to the past but can disturb the present and threaten the future.

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